Assessing the Steps for Company Liquidation

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Place Company In Liquidation

Corporate insolvency these days is more common than you would imagine. Whilst we understand that one would have reservations about voluntarily choosing to put your company into liquidation, Australian Company Liquidations cannot stress highly enough the importance of beginning the liquidation consultation process as early as possible. If you’re unsure if it is necessary to place your company into liquidation, ACL offers a professional service that can inform you of the financial status of your company.

Once you’ve established that your company is insolvent, you need decide on a course of action. You could choose to wait until a creditor forces you into liquidation by court order, however, by voluntarily appointing a liquidator you can avoid being appointed a random liquidator by the court or by the creditors who initiates the court liquidation. By choosing ACL, a company that focuses solely on company liquidation, you can have your company’s affairs wrapped up efficiently and be ready to start afresh that much sooner. Leading experts in company liquidation, the team at ACL consists of experienced, licensed professionals ready to manage your company’s insolvency with ease and sensitivity.

In hiring ACL for your company’s liquidation, you are essentially handing over the stress of your company. Our registered liquidator will help you every step of the way, making the process as painless for you as possible. By voluntarily choosing to liquidate, the liquidation process is expedited, so you can recover from the stress a lot sooner than if liquidation were forced on you.

The truth is a company liquidation can be pricey and whilst most companies charge hourly rates which become very open ended, ACL is able to offer you a fixed contribution towards the cost of the company liquidation. After this contribution is paid, you can relax knowing that your company liquidation is being handled by a registered liquidator.

If you’re considering liquidation as an option for your insolvent company, give ACL a call to discuss your situation and any questions or concerns you may have. We’re available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week via a free corporate insolvency hotline. Call 1800 731 155 to take the first steps toward your fresh start.