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What is a Director Penalty Notice?

Have you recently received a Director Penalty Notice (DPN) from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), but don’t have the means to repay the tax debts being demanded? Worried you might lose your family home or other valuable personal assets? Don’t panic you may still have options to avoid strict personal liability, if you have lodged your Business Activity Statements and Superannuation Guarantee Statements (within 3 months of their due dates).  If you have lodged these statements but not paid the


The Low-Cost Australian Liquidators

Australian Company Liquidations are the low-cost Australian liquidators that you can trust to handle your corporate insolvency case.   Here are some of the reasons why.   The only thing that we handle is company liquidations. This means that over our many years in the industry, we have grown highly skilled and experienced in the field. It also means that we have refined our practice so that we can achieve the best case scenario for you.   We are fully


Three Warning Signs Your Company May Need to Liquidate

Company directors fear liquidation, but often, voluntary liquidation presents the most beneficial financial option in the long run. If your company is insolvent, making the decision to liquidate can relieve stress, reduce your potential personal liabilities as director and neatly wrap up the company’s operations, leaving you free to start afresh. Voluntary liquidation happens when an insolvent company chooses to cease operating rather than being forced to by its creditors. The main benefit of going into voluntary liquidation is that