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The changing landscape of bricks and mortar stores

The scale of bricks and mortar stores collapsing has caused concern across several industries. In wake of the retailers and food chains that have entered into voluntary administration or liquidation, the future of physical stores have been called into question. The changing landscape of bricks and mortar retailers has marked the collapse of many well known names - including Pumpkin Patch, Marcs, and David Lawrence. The rise of e-commerce websites has allowed quick and easy shopping, setting online stores apart


What should company directors know about Safe Harbour?

The Safe Harbour laws were introduced about a year ago now, but are you still unsure about how they may help you if you are concerned about the liquidity and solvency of the company to which you are appointed. Our experts at Australian Company Liquidations are here to help. The Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) states that it is the director’s duty to prevent the company from incurring further debts once the company is insolvent. A company is considered to be


Can A Wind-Up Application be Cancelled?

What is a Wind-Up Application? A wind-up application can be filed in court after a creditors’ statutory demand has been issued and 21 days has lapsed and the debt remains unpaid. The wind-up application requires the company to appear in court on a date specified in the notice. The notice will be served at the company’s registered office. Can a Wind-up Application be set aside? You may be able to challenge a wind-up application in a number of different ways.