Australian Company Liquidations (ACL) specialises in company liquidation services. Insolvency can happen to anyone, and there are an abundance of rules and regulations that apply to the many options available for both individuals and companies. Australian Company Liquidations strictly focuses on company liquidations, allowing them to hone their knowledge and skills and provide you with the most comprehensive and professional liquidation service possible.


Australian Company Liquidations is fully licensed and insured, as required by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. They can assure you that confidentiality will be maintained, because unlike other companies who may have to engage the services of a third party or pass your case on, ACL and their fully qualified and licensed staff can take you through the process from start to finish.

Once a company begins to consider liquidation, ACL understands that questions and concerns will start to surface, both during and outside of business hours. That is why we offer a free 24 hour insolvency hotline, you can get answers to your liquidation concerns and queries whenever needed.

Australian Company Liquidations takes your privacy and wishes very seriously—any call can remain confidential at your discretion. ACL understands that liquidation is a serious and sensitive matter and their staff are committed to being there for you whenever you need them. Call 1800 731 155 to get in touch with the Australian Company Liquidation insolvency hotline.