The Liquidation Specialists

Australian Company Liquidations is a small firm of liquidation specialists, managing all forms of company liquidation, including both voluntary and involuntary cases. With a sole business focus on company liquidation, you can rest assured that your liquidation case is the priority of our liquidation specialists.


Company liquidation normally occurs when a company is unable to pay off its debts and the prospect of saving the business through voluntary administration isn’t viable. To initiate a company liquidation, a liquidation specialist (technically known as a registered liquidator) must be appointed to your company who will assume control of your business. During this process all company dealings must be made through the liquidation specialist, who will
manage the disposal of your company assets and will then distribute any surplus funds to your creditors.

At Australian Company Liquidations, our professional team of insolvency specialists possess the knowledge, experience and expertise to assist you through your company liquidation case. As we understand the scarcity of funds during said times, we pride ourselves on being the lowest priced liquidation specialist in Australia with a focus to deliver high customer service standards. If you find a cheaper written quote we will beat it – guaranteed!

To provide a fast service delivery we also provide a 24 hour hotline service, allowing customers to contact us when it is most convenient.

Give us a call today on 1800 731 155 for free, no-obligation and impartial advice from a liquidation specialist today!